Coverage vs. Repetition

It looks like the first entry for the blog of this project will be about the recent news of Michael Jackson’s death and how the media is responding. What poses as news coverage could very well be golden trite.

His death was on a Thursday, but because of the 8 hour time difference I was only to drop my jaw in heartbreak at around 8 o’clock Friday morning as I got on the tube to work as as read that Michael (an integral part of my childhood) died of cardiac arrest at 50 years of age. Though, my housemate later told me she found out within an hour of his death due to TMZ and twitter.

Anyways, the time difference or the initial coverage of this event isn’t what bothered me. It’s the “coverage” that took place afterwards.

On Saturday, I bought two newspapers (The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian) for more info on Jackson’s death and very little news had emerged about details of his death. Though, I had read from various sources that an injection of Demerol had its part to play.

Come Monday, Tuesday, and Today (Wednesday), I have read no new developments of the case but I have read rehashings of claims made by various people. Papers reported “claims” that were made about who was and was not in the will. “Claims” about the fate of his children and their DNA, and “claims” about what will happen regarding his funeral. The thing is, that none of these claims were substantiated by a source I could identify, and it seemed a bit sketch. If the newspapers know nothing, why rehash the same ignorance surrounding a celebrity they printed the day before?

To sell papers of course. And for free papers, to ensure advertisers reach a large audience.

With the publishing industry hitting hard times (and print news seeing what may be, but hopefully won’t be, the early stages of death) keeping popular topics on the front pages to capture the potential paying reader’s attention seems key to sales. However, I find such trite disguised as the gold of news makes me less and less likely to make a purchase in the future. I would only be reading what I read yesterday, for twice the price.

With so many sources with the same info reported from the day before, I wonder if more people will feel the same way as continue in the future.

One thought on “Coverage vs. Repetition

  1. I agree that papers or ‘news sources’ these days are extremely repetivative and only rehash the same piece of ‘news’ over and over again to grab an audience/make more money. It’s all about the money…

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