Why wasn’t there a “Buy American” campaign?

Or was there one and I’m just not aware of it?

Print ad sales down for magazines in the first quarter of 2009.

Publisher’s Information Bureau turned no frowns upside down with the results of it’s research of magazine ad sales this year. (click here for link to survey)

Basically all revenue is down, meaning companies are spending less on magazine ads.

That about makes sense. The recession is bad news. If you can advertise for cheaper in a medium other than print, it makes sense to spend less on magazine ads.

However. According to the results, the automotive category spent less on ads than any other category. That doesn’t make quite as much sense to me. I would think that this category would have been the one with an increase in spending. Granted, the survey does not break down the percentage decrease of ads from foreign or US car makers, but even still. A decrease of 43.6% of advertising dollars from one year makes me think that American auto companies didn’t pump enough money into advertising at a time that people really needed to be encouraged to buy American cars.

In fact, just thinking about, I can’t think of any campaign that has ever conveyed a national message of “Buy American”. In a time when American auto companies needed consumers the most, I should have been slathered with ads telling me why buying a Ford, GM, or Chrysler car was so much more beneficial trying to get that Honda Civic I covet so. That didn’t happen.

Not saying that such a campaign would have prevented Chrysler and GM from going bankrupt.

However, the constant coverage of how poorly the American auto companies were doing (and little support from ads on how buying one would be beneficial) probably didn’t either.

One thought on “Why wasn’t there a “Buy American” campaign?

  1. there is a buy American campaign…but I don’t think it’s for cras. we Canadians do not appreciate this campaign since our economies are so closely intertwined

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