Publishers finally get paid for content. YAY!

So, I read an article on Editor and Publisher about the Fair Syndication Consortium.

Flying dollar signs? Where's my translucent net...?

Flying dollar signs? Where's my translucent net...?

Basically, if a newspaper article (or anything) is found on another site other than the original author, the Consortium will be able to track it and get compensation from the site’s administrator in the form of ad revenue from ads on that site. The technology exists to track such content, so why not use it to the creator’s advantage?

I thought, “YES! That’s awesome! Why did no one think of this before!”

But, I wonder, what happens when articles or content are put onto a site that doesn’t generate revenue from ads?

Regardless, I think this is a good step for publishers to take. A lot of providers have joined including Conde Nast. I’m really hoping it yields the desired results.

And the main image on the Fair Syndication Consortium is of people trapping dollar signs with wings in butterfly nets. Sign of a system destined to work.

Anyways, if any of my entries end up on some corner of the web I’m unfamiliar with, I like knowing there’s a system in place enabling me to get some flying esses from it.

Your thoughts...

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