Sell mags to rich people!

A new travel magazine at a time when people can’t afford to travel, and ad pages are down for magazines!

I like traveling (been to 6 countries and counting, 7 if you include Canada [which most Americans, myself included, don’t], 8 if you include layovers). And I like magazines. I also like travel magazines, so I am somewhat excited that it’s coming out. Somewhat excited is too strong. I’d say very much interested.

Is there a fake Kyoto somewhere?

Is there a fake Kyoto somewhere?

They offer a free trial magazine, which I may well sign up here, but I was put through a page where I had to put my credit card details in. Fair enough, but I didn’t feel like fishing in my bag for my wallet, so the trial is going to have to wait.


The site itself doesn’t have much content on it, but according to the links, everything is launching in 2010. By then, the recession will hopefully be over (right? That’s how it works isn’t it?), and people will be buying more ad pages so this magazine won’t sink like most of the other mags closing. Since there wasn’t much content, I took a look at the target audience the magazine is aiming for, and it mainly consists of affluent older people (35-65) who have passports. I fall into the latter at least. But the target audience profile made me think.

This magazine might just make it.

I think we all would probably make it if we just sold things to rich people.

2 thoughts on “Sell mags to rich people!

  1. i too have been to a few countries and love to travel. I do not appreciate that you do not include Canada as a country in and of itself =(.

  2. Oops! Just as it takes like four minutes to get there from where I live, I never considered it “foreign”. You’re right. SEVEN countries! 🙂

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