This is not a travel blog.

It’s a blog being written by me outside of my country of citizenship.

Why is this relevant?

Walking to work today, I thought about how difficult it might be to be a lucrative travel writer nowadays.

Firstly, there’s no such thing as unchartered land and thus nothing new to write about. And everywhere that has been written about, has been written about at least a million times.

Secondly, there’s so many free travel blogs online. I doubt they’re millionaires. (Though I wouldn’t be doing it for the money, it would be for fun…but compensation for fun is welcome).

Thirdly, most of the travel blogs/stories I see are kinda boring.

That being said, I think one of my new goals will be to write an article for a travel magazine before I’m 26. It’s actually been a goal of mine for a while. Ever since I came to London a couple of years ago. And I keep seeing all of these travel writing competitions and opportunities and think I should really start doing that soon.

It’s partly the reason why I like to see magazines like Afar and Wanderlust thrive.

If I did do it (which I plan to, at some point in the hopefully near future) I couldn’t see it being my only source of income. Which could be a problem.


Your thoughts...

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