Respect the FONT

Back when I was working in the print production department of my college newspaper, my manager said something that I never had thought about before that point. He told us that typographers and foundries were struggling financially. Making fonts wasn’t as lucrative as it should be considering the amount of work involved. Or something along those lines.

Being that I wasn’t totally delved in the design world, I didn’t even know what a foundry was. But the general idea I got from his speech and a little bit of digging is that the business of fonts don’t get nearly as much respect (outside of the design world) as they should.

I don’t make fonts. In fact, I was asked by an organization to make a font for them. I took a shot and I realized it was NOT my alley. At all. I definitely respect the craft.

So knowing what I know now, I was kinda happy when I saw that NBC was being sued over using unlicensed fonts from the Font Bureau.

Antenna: Extra Condensed Black. This can be purchased from

Antenna: Extra Condensed Black. Antenna was one of the fonts in question in the NBC lawsuit and can be purchased from

I’m interested in the why and hows of this matter.

Well actually, the why is pretty simple to grasp. NBC (as rich as it is) didn’t want to pay.

While it’s easy to understand how NBC was caught out using unlicensed fonts in the first place, I’m still in wonder of how it was discovered that the fonts were on more than one computer.

If NBC does what the CityFile article speculates it will and pays out an expensive settlement, I think more people would understand how much respect type designers and foundries should get…Or just be reminded how important copyright is.

Anyways, I’m in the mood to blog about fonts all of a sudden…Interesting.

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