365 books in 365 days. Have you done this?

Me neither.

I went to the library this weekend and found they had a section aptly named “Quick Reads” near the entrance. For some reason I scoffed at these books. They looked like leaflets, and thus, could not possibly contain enough literary reward for me to even bother picking up. A bit snobbish.

Anyways, I picked one up and read it in about 15 minutes. It was actually quite amazing and I’ll never forget it and how it made me felt for as long as I live.

So, my first thought (well, one of them anyways) when I saw that this woman Nina Sankovitch was on a quest to read 365 books in a year was that she was reading leaflets. But no. I was wrong.

My second thought was I would probably never have time to do this. Actual novels around 300 pages read every day? Though, I think it’s a pretty awesome goal. And mind you, she’s not using a Kindle.

So I wonder. In the e-future, would this even be possible/healthy? I’ll explain.

It’s well documented that monitors are bad for your eyesight. Jobs requiring employees to work at a computer monitor for hours at a time, also require employees to do something to rest their eyes…Or maybe that’s just where I work. Also, I know individuals for now need glasses because of the strain the monitor put on their eye. So I wonder, how good is an electronic book reader for the avid reader’s eyesight in the future.


Your thoughts...

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