Special Issues make money. So, special issue on Darfur someone?

Make money, and help the world.

Yesterday as I was walking to work, I thought about how the conflict in Darfur was still happening and wondered if most people even knew what was going on. No lie. The thought just went into my head and stayed. Though, I guess if more people read Time magazine or actively sought out information about it, they would know.

And, according to this article in the New York Times, special issues are basically a godsend right now for magazines. More advertising dollars go along with the “more coveted” issues of publications as opposed to their duller counterparts. Fair enough. I got to thinking. What if every issue of a publication was a special issue? Hmmm? Hmmm? Kinda like making everyday Christmas. I think this could work with the right marketing.

The "Help the World as You Explore it" Issue. No Kidding. I'd buy it.

The "Help the World as You Explore it" Issue. No Kidding. I'd buy it.

Anyways, this news kinda merged with a thought I had about Darfur yesterday. I was walking to work wondering if most people in the world knew about/knew how they could help stop the conflict in the region. It used to get a lot more press when I was in college, but now I’m hard pressed to see it in major newspapers lest I go seek it out on Google. The merging thoughts: What if a major magazine came out with a major special issue on Darfur (not counting that piece that Angelina Jolie did for Time this year) with a lot of publicity surrounding it?

Maybe a new travel magazine like Afar even. I would love to buy that. And, if the magazine gave a donation to a Darfur charity or humanitarian foundation, I would be helping Afar and Darfur at the same time.

Just a thought.

Your thoughts...

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