Best. Barcode. Ever.

I don’t pride myself on buying frivolous things. However, if there were a trinket train set with a barcode design as appealing as these ones by D-barcode, I’d probably buy it.

Bar code train

The next stop for print is in the details.

This entry may be more about print design than the industry as a whole, but bear with me. Why are we in the print industry so afraid of print coming to an end? Well, it’s the same reason why anyone is afraid of their livelihood being threatened. I could blog about how great print is and why the print version of a book is beter than the e-version, but it all boils down to self preservation.

News, information, and publications may be become e-only in the future, but not everything. Packaging will stay. Merchandise will stay. There are a lot more applications out there for print besides novels and news.

Your thoughts...

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