Could I ever really Bing something?

I google stuff all the time. Everyday! However, I do wonder if I’d ever really bing something.

In the future, we may want to be free from Google. That's where steps in...

By now most people should know about Bing, the new search engine set to rival Google. Someone told me about it a few months back and I googled Bing. The last time, if I recall correctly, was to see what would come up if I searched for Google.

Anyways. Rupert Murdoch is threatening to pull media from Google and make it exclusively available on This makes me lean towards being happy for a couple of reasons:

1) Google is way too big for my comfort. If legitimate and trustworthy news content could be found on another search engine, that would put some serious competition in the mix and stop Google from taking over the world one innovation at a time.

2) In theory, it’s a great way to help keep the value of newspapers and media from declining.

Some of the cons involve loss of traffic if people can’t find it on Google. If that happens, online ad revenue will of course go down for News Corps publication. But maybe with a good enough advertising and media campaign (including viral and guerilla marketing), the loss of traffic won’t be so severe.

I’m interested in seeing the results of this deal if it goes through. Some bloggers have called this suicide on Murdoch’s part.  And if it fails, then there’s always Google to fall back on. Right?

Here’s hoping for the best.

Your thoughts...

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