So, have YOU worn the news lately?

Could you imagine spending $208/year on a magazine subscription? Doubtful.

How about some shirts?

Yea? Great. Because a few Swedes have come up with a really good idea.

Ads on shirts are ok. But what about having a news story about your company/brand/self on the shirt of someone in Mumbai or Tokyo? Probably a great public relations angle in addition to twitter and facebook, because you’d be embracing the T-shirt culture.

Cue T-post: “the world’s first wearable magazine”. It works pretty easily. You sign up for a subscription.   The editors pick a story to run based on current events. They send the idea to a graphic artist who designs the shirt, and the story is printed on it.You get a T-Shirt in the mail every six weeks. The company produces only enough shirts to fulfill subscriptions, so there’s no waste.

For the sake of concision, I’ll list one thing that makes this a great idea for a company/storymaker to make use of:

1) The cool T-Shirt culture. The nostalgia, clever pun, and political message can easily be conveyed on the torso. Old news, yes. But embracing the new twists and updates in the T-shirt culture makes the message that much stronger.

At about US$26 a shirt (and 8 shirts a year), I doubt I’ll sign up. I definitely think about it though.

Your thoughts...

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