Steve Jobs doesn’t hate me and we’ll survive without Flash

The iPad doesn’t support Flash. Yep, that sucks.

Flash is great, but…I can’t say that I’m the biggest fan of sites made entirely with Flash in the first place. Flash is not at it’s best when all HTML and CSS has been thrown out the window. Kind of the same way a site being one big image isn’t suitable. (And yes, I’ve been to sites where blocks of text were one big image, and I despise them). So, I can’t say that I’m all that disappointed if I can’t see a site on my iPad because it’s made entirely of Flash (or mostly).

Will everyone own an iPad in fifteen years? If not, what’s the fuss?

I’m going to assume that everyone with an iPad has another computer something. Laptop, desktop, something that will allow them to view Flash sites on. So, the iPad isn’t the end to all sites made mostly of Flash.

Does this mean that Steve Jobs hates me?

Steve Jobs can't hate me. I LOVE MACS!

That’s what Mat Bisher says via his newly set up site designed for those who agree. There’s a file there you can install in your Flash site that will post an error page whenever someone views your site on an iPad (or mobile Apple product) stating that “Steve Jobs Hates You!”

Will this change Apple’s policy? Doubt it.

I love Flash, and I LOVE Apple. But maybe when someone goes to a site made ENTIRELY with Flash, they’ll wonder:

“Why isn’t there an alternate site made without Flash?”

Your thoughts...

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