Good thing I have my orange juice.

Commercial/Campaign: “Good thing I have my orange juice”
Product/Client: Florida Orange Growers
Agency: BBDO

These commercials sell the idea that the liquid elixir known as orange juice will start the day off strong (no matter how terrible the obstacles that come with it are).

Overall I’m sold on this idea. The idea is portrayed quite well. So it leaves me asking this question: How come I’m not buying more orange juice? If I believe the commercial (that OJ helps fuel me for the challenges ahead), then why am I not shelling out any additional cash for Tropicana than I would Leinenkugel?

The answer perhaps lies with the fact that while I know the potential benefits of OJ, I simply can’t be asked to drink it everyday. Or make it a priority. Why? Not sure. If it’s there in the office, I will drink it. It’s tasty (especially when cold), but can’t necessarily identify.

Your thoughts...

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