“Yea, they can print in RGB.We’ve printed in RGB before.”


Sometimes it’s hard being in accounts having a background in graphic design/print production.

To hear account colleagues say things like this makes me cringe. This particular statement was months ago, and directed at me after I assured the individual that the printed design we sent to the printer had to be in CMYK and not RGB. My colleague (having no idea was they were talking about) proceeded to tell me that the client had given us specs in RGB, thus, we should print in RGB. Not only that, but continued to tell me that the agency had sent things to press in RGB before. Unless this was a shirt comprised out of light made on a machine that miraculously print rays of color, I highly doubt it.

They came back later and told me “Hmm, guess it has to be in CMYK. I’ll contact the client for the right specs.”

Yea, you do that.



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