Touchscreens are so yesterday with gesture technology.

A colleague shared that they would be buying a LeapMotion controller while I saw a video demonstration of the product. This technology plugs into your computer via USB, and allows the user to control the content with only their hands (without the use of a keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen). It’s all the innovation of a touchscreen without having to actually touch the screen.

Never touch a screen again.

Never touch a screen again.

I’m sure there are plenty of problems this technology can solve. One advantage I see with this technology would be to fix what I feel may be a slight security flaw in the Windows 8 password entry feature. With Windows 8, users can draw their passwords on screen (we’ve all seen the commercials of the person drawing the circle around the daughter’s ponytail). When I saw this feature being displayed, I thought about the fact that with touchscreens, you can see the fingerprints/smudges left from use. Would it not be easy enough (for stolen devices that is) to detect smudge patterns to figure out a password? I doubt many people wipe their phone clean often.

The technology is newish (it’s on backorder now, and you place an order at LeapMotion’s website), but I’m looking forward to agencies trying to push their clients into the new frontier of “touchless” with consumers.

You can see the video demonstration can be found at LeapMotion’s website.

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