Sharing ad agency high-jinks with the world.

Recently, I wrote about how the hashtag #agencylife blew up on twitter with quips on the inner workings/nuances and annoyances that occur at most ad agencies.

Here are a few other people telling it like it is in ad agencies and the ad world.


A creative’s life isn’t all glory. It’s dealing with short timelines and people who ask you for a solution to a problem, and then begin to critique to the solution to the point where it’s not a solution anymore. Or dealing with people who think ideas are a dime a dozen, as demonstrated here:

Like this gem.

Frustrated creatives unite.



Animated gifs that express the angst and anxiety colleagues have for projects, client direction, and one another.

How creatives feel when their idea is "improved upon" by clients.

How creatives feel when their idea is “improved upon” by clients.


Marian Librarian

This isn’t an ad agency blog and it doesn’t talk about high-jinks, but Marian shares her expertise on the evolving world of social media. Or, the “BS of social media” as she puts it. A good “break” reading I think.


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