General Motors post great news, and good SM engagement.

My favorite car brand, Chevrolet, has some great news regarding Spark. According to Autoblog, the car exceeded sales projections by 35% during the last 12 months.

GM found a "Spark" of sales with Chevy hatchback. /terrible joke

GM found a “Spark” of sales with Chevy hatchback. /terrible joke

This is pretty impressive considering that profits from larger vehicles (trucks and SUV’s) are the main profit center for GM and other domestic automakers. News of the sales figures put me in the mood to look up car prices and fantasize about my next car purchase. I’ve stated before on this blog that Chevrolet is my favorite car brand (the marketing combined with the chic/smooth driving experience won me over long ago), but that a new car purchase is a bit further in the future for me. However, I’ve been looking into the GM Card to put towards the inevitable future. Up to $1,500 saved on a new Malibu sounds pretty great. Then I got to thinking: Why have I not seen any annoying commercials to signup for a GM Card?

The Chase “Fan for the ceiling” commercial has broken down many a potential consumer I’m sure (I know of at least two individuals who signed up for it after seeing the commercials at least 50 times), so why no barrage of GM Card commercials?

I’m not sure, but with the ability to earn 3% towards a new Chevy and 1% cash back, the GM Flexible Earnings Card seems like the next best card to take a 80’s movie song, make it annoying, and watch the applications roll in.

Sidenote: The social media efforts for GM Card are on point as well. The facebook page is filled with actual interesting content (questions that aren’t trying to sell to me at all) and proper customer service responses. In the social media world, especially for advertising, “If content is king, quality is queen.”



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