Stanley Kubrick : One-Point Perspective

I don’t usually reblog posts that aren’t related to advertising, Detroit, or publishing (and I’ve only reblogged twice in history including this post). But, if you’re a fan of Stanley Kubrick, this reel may blow your mind. And, it is Stanley Kubrick’s birthday today, so this exception is valid.

no colours anymore.

“More than many directors, Kubrick was aware of the emotional and mental effect [the One-Point Perspective] has on audiences – it can be somewhat disquieting on film. This reel is a prime example of how disconcerting evenness and proportion can be in motion picture photography. Even when there is no clear and present danger there is something in the balance which unbalances the viewer. They produce a feeling of unease. Everything appears correctly in place but there is something out of kilter in our minds.”

From Kuriositas


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