“The Red Badge of Courage” and Camp Gyno

You ever feel like a boss because you get your period? Me either. However, I think that most women will appreciate this new ad that revolves around a young girl becoming the “queen bee” at camp just because she got her menses.

Hello Flo (a tampon delivery service) brilliantly highlights that sentiment in their new ad: Camp Gyno. I don’t think there’s every been a piece of feminine hygiene advertising that’s ever instilled me with a sense of a pride that I’m part of the gender that menstruates. I almost want to brag about it after watching the spot.


The word “vadge” actually comes out of this girl’s mouth. It’s pretty bad ass.

Advertising around this subject usually isn’t so brazen. There have been a few Kotex commercials within the last year or so that dispel the myth that females want to walk along the beach in long dresses taking in the day when that “time of the month” rolls around. It’s not something that needs to be hidden, and women can feel like it’s an event that they just have to deal with when the time comes along.

All that being said, I’m glad I’m starting to see advertising like the Camp Gyno spot. It’s a sign that times are changing. My mom told me that when her and my dad started living together, she’d get really embarrassed when a “feminine” commercial came out. This isn’t something I’d ever be embarrassed by. Different times. On the other hand (and this is minor), I’m curious how many young girls actually start out on tampons. I’m sure some do, but I doubt it’s such a high percentage that I’d use a service for my daughter.

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