Predicting the future health of client/agency relationships.

Agencies small and large will have their share of difficult clients. New business development teams and executive management perform due diligence to predict if taking on a potential client will result in a healthy (and lucrative) partnership for both parties. But, even the best efforts put forth in this area can’t guarantee that the relationship won’t have hiccups. And that’s for well established clients.

With SXSW starting soon, AdWeek put together a nice flowchart to help agencies determine if a potential would be worth their time.

What if the answer is maybe?

What if the answer is maybe?

Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, it’s obviously not business acquisition gospel. However, I must admit that the flowchart does provide some potentially valuable food for thought for any agency. From considering if the startup is willing to pay, to if they have a “Design Expert” in their company. All good factors, but it seems like one matter that should also be taken into account is whether a company’s purpose and core beliefs (separate from their core business practices) actually aligns with your agency’s.

The chart hints at this with the question “Are they a business of world saving do-gooders?”, but the better client/agency relationships determined if both parties had a similar set of core values right at the beginning.

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