How many languages is your favorite book in?

Books! Nearly everyone reads them all over the world.

And for some insight on what titles we’re all reading across the globe, the folks at 7 Brands put together a list of the 50 most translated books.

Was surprised Dr. Seuss wasn't on here, but then I thought that maybe that rhyming scheme doesn't hold up quite so well in French...Or even non-American English.

Was surprised Dr. Seuss wasn’t on here, but then I thought that maybe that rhyming scheme doesn’t quite hold up so well in French…Or even non-American English.

I’m not shocked about Little Prince, or Andersen’s Fairy Tales. However, I’m a bit surprised the Bible isn’t on here. When I saw the article I readily assumed that it would be one of the first entries. Not because some consider it ultra important, but because when I was in middle school I had a small leather bible (new testament only) and on the first few pages it stated that it was the most translated book in the world.

I thought that maybe it was excluded from the list as it’s not technically fiction, but the Diary of Anne Frank is also listed. So, not sure.

Anyways, it’s not important, as it’s all just fascinating information. That being said, the most interesting takeaway I got from this is that the bunny that I’ve seen so many times before is named Miffy.

Useless posts as new content

Recently, I stumbled upon a post reporting that one’s brain remembers blog posts better than novels. 

My initial response was “Duh.”

After reading the article, my final response was “Duh.”

This got me to thinking, just how many non-informative articles have I read and not remembered? Why exactly do articles proliferate on sites with a respectable degree of credibility?

The answer, of course, is filler. It’s quite difficult to have 100% of quality content. So, to avoid perfect becoming the enemy of the good, it’s understandable why publishers add filler articles. All the bulk, but only enough quality meat that can be mustered in time. It’s better to deliver at least something everyday, than to deliver that perfect jewel one have been polishing for about a week.


Bookless libraries…so it begins.

Or rather continues.

San Antonio will be opening the country’s first book-less library. No physical books, just words made out of light on e-readers and digital screens.

This image can't get more literal.

This image can’t get more literal.

This is well and all, but are millenials going to be the generation to tell their grandkids “I remember when ink was printed on sheets made of tree.”

The thought that the printed publications I loved so much are constantly becoming obsolete (to the point that many younger folks when I’m older may not even know what they are) is somewhat depressing. Though, to be honest, I’m not sure if it’s the fact that physical books are being obsolete or the fact that I’m getting old is the sad part.

But I have every reason to believe it’s the former.

Conde Nast! Now with more TENSION!

I used to fantasize about working at Conde Nast. Things are tough there nowadays with magazines closing and jobs being lost. But now the employees who still have their jobs have something to look forward to:


As a total outsider in this situation, I can see why employees would be upset, and why it may be necessary. With magazines in the company closing, management does need the employees left to work full throttle. Save what’s left with a vengeance.

Though I don’t think I could work with a constant policeman watching everything I do. There’s something so untrustworthy of such an activity.

Guess I won’t be working at Conde Nast anytime soon…

Things that show the end is near.

1) More cuts at Conde Nast.

I needs 'em!

I needs 'em!

2) About 400 people let go from NY Times.

Anyways, I bring up Conde Nast because I saw an internship position available there. In these hard times, I figured I would save up some money for life, intern with them for a while, then who knows. If  more experienced professionals in publishing are admitting they’re settling for salaries a fraction of what they were making before are doing this, who am I do be above this trend? And right now, it looks like they need all the interns they can get. Well, not for the actual journalism part, but for all the other parts I’m interested in like production and marketing. I’m still young, why not?

But I’m thinking, that “who knows” part I mentioned in the previous paragraph is starting to look like a “we know, and it’s not good” type of future musing.

Hmm. I still might do it anyways.  I wonder what the plans of others hold.