3-D Double Ds in print anyone?

I’ll start this entry by saying that I didn’t like Avatar. Simply was not impressed.

In 3-D, do we get to see the other side of his face?

Okay. Believe it or not, I was a bit upset when Playboy wasn’t doing so well with it’s print version last year. For two reasons:

1) In an age when almost anyone will do almost anything pornagraphically (yep, made it up), it’s good to see a classy porn periodical. No animals, no cups, just plain sex. To see this fail would be like witnessing the seedy (yet tasteful) part of American society tank.

2) I’m not pro porn by any means, but I’m old enough to understand that porn should sell. Period. If a print porn magazine has a bleak financial outlook on the future, it leaves other publications with little hope to hold on to.

Playboy has been doing better this year, and now they’re publishing a 3-d spread this summer. Which is only another step in the magazine’s recovery from last year. So I’m all for it.

Not going to buy it though, of course.