What is the best car commercial from the last 25 years?

The One Show is aiming to find out, and will reveal the results this year at the North American International Auto Show (aka The Detroit Auto Show if you grew up in/around Detroit).


They’re also going reveal the top 10 commercials (judged by a panel of people who should know these things) and showcase a public choice, for which votes can be submitted at their website www.oneclub.org/autoshow. 

Though my very first post here was regarding Americans adopting a better “Buy American” attitude especially towards automotive, I’m rooting for the Audi A8 commercial I spoke of in my previous post. Don’t worry, I still prefer to buy/drive an American car.

Go Audi!

Does everyone else have a Super Bowl advertiser they’re looking forward to?

I know I do.

Last year, Audi’s “Escaping the confines of modern luxury” Super Bowl spot was (and still is) my favorite Super bowl commercial. Not because it was clever, but because it genuinely changed my viewpoint on Mercedes.  More importantly, it got me to feel that luxury in youth (and in the future) could be more aligned with Audi than it could with Mercedes. To be fair, I’m already partial to Volkwagan vehicles to begin with (Volkswagan as a whole has historically executed their advertising quite well), but I had never really given a thought to Audi.

Escaping the confines of old luxury. Audi A8 Commercial from 2012 Superbowl.

Escaping the confines of old luxury indeed. Audi A8 Commercial from 2012 Superbowl.

Now, the ad didn’t want me to go out and buy an Audi immediately (nor could I, considering I’m probably not the target market for Audi), but it sparked within me a desire to try and strive to one day drive in non-antiquated notions of luxury.

For that reason, I’m really looking forward to what Audi will bring us this year in Super Bowl advertising. Ad Age has a list of advertisers scheduled for the game, with details seemingly updated regularly.

Go Audi.