Update: Not as thrifty as I set out to be.

In reference to my previous entry, I ended up spending close to to £20 at the Books etc closing down sale this weekend.

I recommend going!

Am I helping or hurting publishing by buying bargain books?

Or shall I say waiting until the final markdown to even consider buying them.

I went to the mall yesterday and saw that Books etc was closing down. I thought it was just a one of of that store, but come to find out today (via an article on bookseller.com) that the whole chain of Books etc is closing down.

Yea, my wallet does most of my thinking.

Yea, my wallet does most of my thinking.

Now, when I walked in I browsed a bit. I’m on a budget, so was looking for books that were about 90% off. The highest I found was 50% off. So, I made a conscious decision to leave and come back in about a week or so to see if anything would be in the %80-%90 off range. Upon reading that article, I thought, I blog about how much print is in trouble, shouldn’t I help this retailer out now?

So, yea. I think I’m going to go back next week and browse a bit. If I see anything ¬£4, I may buy it.