Social media is not a career.

Jason Nazar (co founder of DocStoc) is barely out of his twenties. Yet, he so eloquently verbalizes some of the better advice that I think some individuals in their twenties need. It’s nuggets of wisdom that I think are hard to live by for some individuals.

All, of course, abide by all of them because I am perfect.* However, there’s one that stands out the most to me. It’s this jewel right here:

Your long term plan in social media may or may not work out...

Your long term plan in social media may or may not work out…

I’m not so sure I would agree with this. Communication and technology changes rapidly, yes, but not keeping up with any current marketing tactics or vantages (in this case, social media) will place you out of a lot of opportunities. That being say, I don’t think that the ONLY discernible skill or experience one should have should exist solely in the world of social media.

The other nuggets, I believe, should be taken up by everyone no matter your industry. He also gives networking advise that many individuals (myself included) really need to hone up more.

*Perfection not confirmed.