Conde Nast! Now with more TENSION!

I used to fantasize about working at Conde Nast. Things are tough there nowadays with magazines closing and jobs being lost. But now the employees who still have their jobs have something to look forward to:


As a total outsider in this situation, I can see why employees would be upset, and why it may be necessary. With magazines in the company closing, management does need the employees left to work full throttle. Save what’s left with a vengeance.

Though I don’t think I could work with a constant policeman watching everything I do. There’s something so untrustworthy of such an activity.


Guess I won’t be working at Conde Nast anytime soon…

Things that show the end is near.

1) More cuts at Conde Nast.

I needs 'em!

I needs 'em!

2) About 400 people let go from NY Times.

Anyways, I bring up Conde Nast because I saw an internship position available there. In these hard times, I figured I would save up some money for life, intern with them for a while, then who knows. If  more experienced professionals in publishing are admitting they’re settling for salaries a fraction of what they were making before are doing this, who am I do be above this trend? And right now, it looks like they need all the interns they can get. Well, not for the actual journalism part, but for all the other parts I’m interested in like production and marketing. I’m still young, why not?

But I’m thinking, that “who knows” part I mentioned in the previous paragraph is starting to look like a “we know, and it’s not good” type of future musing.

Hmm. I still might do it anyways.  I wonder what the plans of others hold.

What do Elegant Bride, Modern Bride, Cookie, and Gourmet have in common?

Give up?

They’re all kaput.

Terribly joke, and it’s really not funny. But Conde Nast has pulled the plug on these titles. This isn’t all that “newsy” considering so many mags are closing, downsizing, or just doing poorly. It’s how the COOKIE is crumbling right now. (See what I did there?)

My only hope is that Afar magazine doesn’t shut down in the next five years. If TimeOut shutters production, I think I’ll cry.