Shanghai is being built in Detroit for Transformers 4.

For Transformers 4, there’s going to be a scene where the Transformers destroy Shanghai. Maybe. The details are a bit sketch right now. However, the set for Shanghai is being built nonetheless in the Motor City.

Building for the set started back in June (older photo of set beginning construction), and there’s been all kinds of news about it (Mlive, Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free Press).

Here’s some photos I’ve taken (not bad for a $30 phone btw) of the progress to date.

So yeah, this all may be destroyed by the Decepticons.


The Tiger’s lose the only game I go to this weekend :(

Opening Day weekend at Comerica Park.

View from upper deck @ Comerica Park.

View from upper deck @ Comerica Park.

Anyways, looking forward to more games and springtime in the city.

Go Tigers!


Retro Detroit Ad Time

Like many, I think fondly of the commercials from my youth. Local commercials in particular.

Real Detroiters (who remember the 80's) love this commercial.

Real Detroiters (who remember the 80’s) love this commercial.

In the Detroit area, there was a Ford dealership with a commercial I pretty much remember from the 80s. Everyone I knew could sing the song:

“Here dog, come on dog. Me and dog want you to go to Tel-e-graph rooooaaaaddd. Right noowww, get a good deal.” Then the dog would bark.

This isn’t the version where the dog barks, but the song is the same.


Ah memories.

What is the best car commercial from the last 25 years?

The One Show is aiming to find out, and will reveal the results this year at the North American International Auto Show (aka The Detroit Auto Show if you grew up in/around Detroit).


They’re also going reveal the top 10 commercials (judged by a panel of people who should know these things) and showcase a public choice, for which votes can be submitted at their website¬†

Though my very first post here was regarding Americans adopting a better “Buy American” attitude especially towards automotive, I’m rooting for the Audi A8 commercial I spoke of in my previous post. Don’t worry, I still prefer to buy/drive an American car.

Go Audi!