Pulitzer for Trash!

My stance is firm. Juicy gossip should not make news. Politicians aren’t perfect, so they’ll probably mess in their personal lives at some point. So when I hear a politician is cheating, I never really care. Just let me know when he’s taking bribes or murdering people.

Most people do not share this opinion, which is WHY juicy gossip makes news. I thought that was limited to the US, but I found the same pattern in the UK when I lived there.

And gossip makes news so well that even the National Enquirer is up for a Pulitzer. Yep. The National Enquirer.

When asked what he thought the odds were of actually receiving the prize, Barry Levine, the NE executive director said:

“I think the members of the mainstream media would rather see the earth explode first than to reward us with a Pulitzer Prize.”

He’s right. I would rather see the explosion of the world I live in than see the National Enquirer given prestige in a time when legitimate newspapers and magazines are folding.