HP bots and my blog

I wrote a blog entry for an article on HP’s new print ad campaign a few months ago (here). Ever since then, when I check my blog stats, at least TWO hits EVERY DAY will be for searches that included the terms “HP” or “HP print” or something else related to HP.

Now, since I’ve googled HP and all of these related terms and didn’t see my blog come up on any of the premier pages. So I deduced, quite early on in fact, that there are bots at HP specifically visiting that one blog entry EVERYDAY because of that entry. And I’m not sure why.

And gosh do I wish I did.

Print and save money.

A nice little article I read on AdvertisingAge about the HP attempting to help save companies money with their “Hit Print Intelligently”. I liked this for two reasons:

1) I think the print ad is awesome.

Printing Payback ad for HP

Printing Payback ad for HP

2) It’s a pretty good idea for the company to take on. Helping businesses (in a time where things aren’t so good for business) save money printing and save money on their energy bills.

Pretty genius. Why didn’t more people think of this before?