I’d be a better cookie with more direction.

I was at the grocery store and needed some cookies. For some time, Keebler has been pushing it’s social responsibility agenda and telling me to “Be a Good Cookie” and “Donate Blood”.

How cute.

I like cookies but I’ve never given blood before.  And this campaign Keebler currently  is effective because it’s now hours later and when I got home I wanted to look up how to give blood, the nearest centers, etc.

However. Even though I am now seriously interested in giving blood because of a graphic on a package of cookies, I feel like I shouldn’t be doing any of the research on how to actually proceed in this donation. There should have been a QR code (or URL at the very least), that I could scan/go to that listed places near me that I could safely donate blood at.

Now, even though I’m still thinking about blood donation (it’s on my list of things to do to help society), I’m a bit peeved that in this day in age I have to actually look up this information.

“Be a good cookie” campaign effective? For me, yes. But it could do even more by providing the next step of “how-to” and “where” to the consumer and potential donor.